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Brianna Michelle


Founder, CEO
Brianna Michelle is on a mission to bring more awareness to the epidemic of sexual assault, and refuses to turn a blind eye to an act that has already affecting so many lives. A brutal rape and kidnapping while in college woke up a sleeping giant that said,”NO MORE” to sexual abuse and she began using her voice as power. For so long she was silenced by molestation as a child, now there is no holding her back from telling her story. Being that most sexual assault goes unreported, Michelle aims to tackle the taboo issue of sexual assault and give a voice to men, women, and children around the world. Brianna had her wings clipped by adversity, but she has still been able to thrive and work toward goals; graduating college, studying/living abroad, traveling the world advocating, and pursuing a career as a model and spokesperson. Her pain has now turned into ambition, and she is determined to make a name for herself in the modelling/acting industry. She is inspired to change laws, empower others, and build one of the world’s most effective organizations in dealing with sexual assault/abuse. Her mission is to bring sexual assault/abuse to the forefront of our society, and inspire survivors to be empowered by their individual stories of sexual assault/abuse and healing.

Bob Roach


Bob Roach is a financial services and operating company executive with extensive experience in investments, finance, compliance (SEC & FINRA), and capital raising/investment banking. As a Chief Financial & Compliance Officer, Bob has established and maintained financials, financial reporting and compliance policies, overseen regulatory filings, reviewed marketing collateral, and managed infrastructures for broker-dealers, investment advisers, and investment funds as well as their respective clients. Mr. Roach has been a licensed Series 24 principal since 1996 and a licensed Aeries 2 FINOP since 2003. He possesses extensive experience as a broker-dealer principal, CFO, FINOP and Chief Compliance Officer. In this capacity, in addition to financial oversight and regulatory (FINRA) filings, Bob’s experiences include: raising equity & debt capital for small/middle market businesses, private placements, mergers and acquisition advisory, and oversight of investment banking and fund wholesaling broker-dealer businesses. Mr. Roach holds the FINRA Series 7, 24, 28, 66, 79, 87 & 99 licenses. Mr. Roach holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business, and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College.

Alexandra Richardson


Director, Community Engagement
Alexandra Richardson is a student from Ireland, currently undertaking an MPhil in International Peace Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. She has always felt deeply dissatisfied with the current injustices that many members of our society presently face, particularly in relation to sexual assault/abuse. This sense of injustice has led her to explore the different ways that she can address sexual assault/abuse, and encouraged her to play a more significant role in ending these prevailing social issues. Alex believes that one of her leading inspirations in life is to emancipate any individual who has experienced sexual assault/abuse, and is always willing to offer as much help as she can, to anyone who needs it.

Sarah Molyneux


Associate Director, Community Engagement
Hi! My name is Sarah, and I am a STEM college student. I am passionate about speaking out about assault, since I had a very hard time accepting and talking about my own sexual assault story at first. I want to encourage people that their story is important no matter who you are or what happened to you!

Curtisha Thomas


Director, Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives

Curtisha Thomas stands out in all that she does in philanthropy. She is a woman who is dedicated to ending the cycle of sexual assault/abuse and domestic violence. Curtisha knows first hand about the effects of abuse and is using her experience, skills, and passion for this area to make sure that Voices Beyond Assault (VBA) conquers its mission in empowering survivors.

Curtisha is a highly analytical thinker and excels in identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes. She has proven experience in relationship-building and a compassionate heart, which VBA is elated to have on their team.

Lorward Choi


Community Project Coordinator: VBA AAPI
Lorward is a Southern California native, who left to play collegiate tennis for a small private Christian school in North Carolina. Here, Lorward faced a myriad of challenges and experienced his first sexual assault. Lorward then completed his education in business and moved back to CA, taking a position where he assists in supply chain planning. On his off time, Lorward seeks to steward the dismissed; whether through thrifting, gardening or sewing. He hopes that by doing so, he will create a more beautiful future for all.

Freddy Piedrahita


Community Project Manager: VBA Español
Freddy Piedrahita was born in Tulúa, Colombia on November 5, 1961. Lived in Medellin until he was 21 years old when he immigrated to the United States. He’s attended many classes, seminars, and workshops about personal development. Has read many books from personalities such as Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and many more. Those mentors have equipped him with the tools and knowledge to take action and begin making real changes in his life. Freddy is the author of the book “Sed De Venganza” (Thirst for Revenge) and offers his investigations and experiences to those who are in the healing path and desire to transform their suffering into their strengths. He is a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, TRR Practitioner, and is the director of VocesUnidasTV.com.

Veronica Lawson-Vilches


Community Project Coordinator: VBA Français

Veronica was born between two countries, two cultures and two languages, the United States and Spain. She likes to describe her childhood as “on the road” having lived in multiple cities. At the age of 19, she moved to Paris, France as a fille au pair. Having been in love with the French language since she was three, she could now also fall in love with the culture and the city. She graduated from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne with a bachelors in History, where she also did her first year of Masters in History of international relations. She has been able to finally find a place to call “home”.

She believes in the importance of mental health and breaking the stigma. Having been a storyteller all her life, she also believes that using one’s voice and sharing stories can help others. Veronica is a survivor.

August Sanger


Community Project Manager: VBA LGBTQIA+
August Sanger is a social media influencer who believes strongly in the power of finding your voice. August kept his sexual assaults secret for a long time, too afraid of what any repercussions could look like. One day, he realized the weight of those repercussions were never his to carry and now he wants other survivors to have that same realization too. He wants other survivors to know there are people who are listening and believe them.

Kris Pedretti


Event Coordinator

Kris Pedretti is dedicated and passionate about finding our voices and uniting as one. Speaking up and speaking out about sexual assault is how we can provide support, encouragement, education as well as debunking what we have all been taught. Silence. Shame. Blame.

The Golden State Killer assaulted Kris in 1976 at 15 years old. It was not spoken about even within her own family. After 42 years of silence, he was captured through DNA technology. It was that day that she realized she had been experiencing the trauma and isolation for so many decades without any understanding, support or love.

Kris mission is to provide a safe place where sexual assault victims can feel heard, accepted, and loved. Sexual assault is valid and the trauma is real. The only person responsible for rape is the Rapist. It is time we give back the shame and the blame to the Rapist. No longer will we be silenced.

Board of Directors

Robbin Turner


Board Chair
Robbin Turner is the Founder and Botanical Formulator of Violet Botanical Skincare. She holds a Master’s Degree (MA) from Temple University in Kinesiology, and holds advanced knowledge in the Applied Integrative Physiology of Exercise. Robbin is an active member of the Global Wellness Institute’s Beauty Meets Wellness Committee. In addition to writing her own blog, she’s the contributing writer for DLG Naturals. Robbin has over ten years of applied clinical experience studying the relationships among physical activity, health, and wellness. Now, she uses her expertise to bridge the gap between wellness, clean beauty and healthy skin care.

Gimari Ladd-Jones


Board Chair
Gimari is a service driven Equity and Social Justice Leader, and Former Teacher whose life’s purpose is serving and uplifting people in communities most in need. Specifically, her work ensures African American and Hispanic/Latinx students, and students of low-income, are justly positioned to reach their highest potential in schools through the desegregation of advanced courses. 

At the core of Gimari’s passion is empowering voice, which is central to the mission of Voices Beyond Assault. Due to her repeated experiences of having had loved ones, colleagues, and even students during her tenure teaching who had been sexually assaulted, Gimari has personally witnessed the pain and anguish sexual assault causes, and its heavy burden on an individual’s voice. Gimari believes that Voices Beyond Assault’s mission and cause is of utmost importance to the health and well-being of thousands of people who need to feel, and know, that they are not alone, and they can again use their voice. Gimari lends her non-profit, communications, and equity experience to ensure the mission of VBA is aptly served.

Gary Smith


Board Member

Gary Smith is an experienced professional businessman and entrepreneur. A qualified CPA, he has worked as an Investment Manager in the City of London and established two movie businesses listed on the London Stock Exchange – as Chairman and Chief Executive. He has over 40 movie credits with budgets in excess of $400 million. His experience covers finance, production, marketing and sales. In 2019, he arranged the financing for the purchase of Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California; where he is co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He currently has business interests in a winery, feature films, venture capital, online real estate, yachts and video technology.

Gary has extensive philanthropic experience, and is extremely passionate about stimulating changing and empowerment for others. Gary is a trustee of several charities, and is excited to be a part of Voices Beyond Assault. Gary is passionate about making sure that all men, women and children are safe from the pandemic of sexual violence, and has prioritised this as one of his most mobilising goals. Gary is committed to making the world is a better place, by helping those who have suffered emotional trauma and encouraging them to flourish.

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