Voices Beyond Assault

Now Let's Heal

This is an online campaign built with the objective of creating an army of survivors, to connect, support, and heal as one. Voices Beyond Assault (VBA) wanted to put together this campaign to convey that no survivor is ever alone; no matter where they are, or how they are feeling. Through collecting an array of videos, sexual assault/abuse stories, and methods of healing; VBA wants to convey the many ways that people have been effected by sexual assault/abuse, and the adversity they have showed in growing past it.


VBA would like to use this campaign as a constant reminder of the strength our community of survivors has shown, and the progression they have achieved. Healing is difficult, but never impossible – and the ‘Now Let’s Heal,’ campaign is proof of that.

Here are the videos we have collected from our wonderful survivors, who have shared their individual experiences of sexual assault/abuse, and healing.