Voices Beyond Assault

Survivor Connects

Voices Beyond Assault (VBA) believes it is vital to create a community that is safe and compassionate, to offer all survivors the opportunity to engage in the dialogue encompassing sexual assault/abuse. We want to continuously learn and educate ourselves on how to best provide for our community of survivors, and believe the Survivor Connects series is the perfect way to do so.

The Survivor Connects series has been developed to create a safe space for survivors to freely share their experiences of sexual assault/abuse, methods of healing and individual progression towards empowerment, post-trauma wants and needs, & current state of being.

This discursive space is also important for the survivors who do not wish to directly engage in this conversation, but prefer to partake by listening. VBA wants every survivor to feel at ease during this experience, and engage as freely and openly as they are comfortable with. We want to propose the Survivor Connects series as a way to fulfill all of these needs, and maintain an open and holistic discussion with people from all walks of life. Survivor Connects is about sharing, learning, empowering, and healing. At VBA, we are determined to unshackle our community of survivors from the trauma of sexual violence, and ultimately heal as one.

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