Voices Beyond Assault

The Beauty of Survival

Voices Beyond Assault (VBA) has put together a photo series capturing the different faces of healing, sexual assault/abuse and individual empowerment. Survivors are entitled to emancipate themselves from their sexual trauma, and heal in their own personal way – all of the routes to recovery are challenging, yet beautiful and powerful. At VBA, we believe that all survivors must permit themselves to go through this journey of compassion and understanding, and recognize the beauty in doing so. 


This photo series aims to exemplify this, and encourage others through showcasing these images of other survivors allowing themselves to be vulnerable, brave and free.

“If we don’t speak up, we pass it on.”

Lynette Louise

“If you haven’t talked to anyone, if you haven’t voiced what happened to you; take the steps and it will make your life so much better.”

Shante Reese

“Never feel like you have to stand in silence.”

Nicole Bridges

“We’re lucky to have each other.”

Lynette Louise & Rye