Voices Beyond Assault


Giving is a means to Greater Impact! Better Outcomes! Creating Change!

Every 98 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted/abused. Voices Beyond Assault (VBA) is dedicated to changing the lives of survivors of sexual assault/abuse with our programs, activities, therapy and retreats. These initiatives aim to encourage survivors to lead healthier lives, improve their self-esteem, and reduce the rate of suicides either attempted, or committed by survivors.

Our sponsors have a direct impact through donating to our organization, which accelerates the progress on these must-solve problems. All of our services, programs, and events are made possible through the financial support of government grants, corporate funding, and private donations.

ALL contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law and 100% of all financial donations to VBA go towards the development of our survivor programs and campaign initiatives.

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